The Power Of Art

I recently watched a documentary film called, “The Cats of Mirikitani.” It was very heart breaking and inspiring all at the same time. I was actually not aware of what Japanese internment meant until I was in class and it really opened up my eyes to how cruel this world can be; but, it also opened up my eyes to how powerful art can be. Mirikitani’s art work describes the famous quote, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and it really did. You not only see how brilliant the colors, shapes and curves he used in his drawings, but, you also saw a story, his personal story and I love that. I am personally not the best drawer; however, I love to write and I love putting my personal experiences in my writings and he did the same with art. Every picture told a story and he shared that story with everyone. The most powerful thing anyone can do, is share their story because atleast one person will be able to relate and that is all that matters. Another aspect in the film that was inspiring was a filmmaker, Linda Hattendorf, who helped him get off the street and helped him share his story and get his life back together. Helping someone to that extent is a true miracle and I hope that one day, I could help someone like that. Learning about the history with the Japanese internment made me realize what is going on in this world today; meaning, how people are still being treated differently because of their race and that is not what America is about. America is filled with many different and unique people from all around the globe and we should be embracing and learning about those differences, not discriminating against it. Life is truly too short and this documentary helped me realize that I should share my writings with the world. Whether it is a pen, crayon, pencil or marker, the power of any tool on paper holds every ounce of magic and could create a powerful message.

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