The No Name Woman Was Always A Warrior

Working on this presentation for my Ethnic American class made me learn so much about the author, Maxine Hong Kingston. She not only had an intense childhood, she was also very bright at a young age. She became an amazing writer and incorporated her mother’s stories she told her as a child and added in her own fiction to her non fictional stories, which is truly amazing. Kingston was a voice for others who didn’t get the chance or even opportunity to tell her side of the story and one of those people was her Aunt. In the story, “No Name Woman,” I learned a lot about the pressures and oppression of being a women in a Chinese culture. What I loved the most about researching Kingston and her purpose for writing was that she wanted to bring her Aunt’s life back to life and give her the power she desperately needed. Which is why Kingston shows what an American is all about by accepting others, helping them and being that influential spokesperson for so many people who did not get the chance to. There was honestly a lot more information I could have added in my presentation; however, I wanted to stick to the purpose of “No Name Woman” and how such a powerful story is it and how it changes your perspective of the different experiences other people could be going through or went through.

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